Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival Friday July 11th

Join us as we light ourselves and maybe others on fire at the Crucible's Fire Arts Festival in West Oakland on July 11th. The festival runs Wednesday to Saturday. We're opening on Friday night. We're unsure looking at this photo if this stage is really big or grand enough for us. Catch us at this performance while we are still playing small, intimate gigs.

Fire Arts Festival
Kirkham Street and 5th Street
Friday July 11th 8pm
Oakland, CA
The Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival celebrates creativity through fire and light with a spectacular open-air exhibition of interactive fire art, performance and the largest collection of outdoor fire sculpture on the West Coast. Website.

Fire Arts Festival website and tickets: http://www.thecrucible.org/fireartsfestival/


Anonymous said...

I wanted to put this under the Juplaya category, but you don't have a post.

I really want to like you guys, but you were total dicks at the Dismal event this year.

You showed up at their event and overpowered their PA. It wsa pretty fucked up.

Those guys put a lot of time, money and energy into that show, and whether you intended it or not, you were totally disrespectful.

While I'm sure that your hearts are in the right place, if you're going to choose someone else's event to perform at, it's incumbent on you to not detract from it.

Honestly, I hope to see you guys more. You've definitely got room to grow as a group in terms of percussion technique and musical interest, but it's a great shtick.

You guys have a ton of potential. Just be a little more thoughtful and aware when you're doing it at someone else's show.

Wes Modes said...

Thank you for your, uh, qualified support. Ask more questions and you will learn more:

We have great respect for the folks of Dismal. We asked ahead of time and got an enthusiastic response from the Dismalians. Here's what they wrote after:

> Thanks for keeping the Hippies, Ravers,
> and Burners occupied while we got
> things in place.
> You guys were lifesavers for the
> town of Dismal, NV!
> ~Sasha

We were off that night because we were all wacked on Speed and PCP.

Thanks for taking the time to write.

Anonymous said...

Hey DustMonkey,

There was no problem with the trash orchestra's antics. If there was we would of just "accidentally" rolled a pyro packed burro at them. Them burros are real unpredictable like that.
-Anon Dismal Citizen