Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Return to Modesto!

Report back from Modesto DIY Fest from Wingnut Willy:

The night ended with Trash Orchestra performance in Modesto's center plaza downtown.

Again (1 year later), Santa Cruz folks took the public into the trash orchestrated post apocalyptic vision quest! Smashing on car hubcaps, plastic buckets, symbols & kicking over garbage cans, followed by a Trash Orchestrated Dogpile, set the public's mood on fire!

The end of Orchestra ( too late coppers...WE'RE DONE!) resulted in a debate between Modesto police & one T.O. member, with police claiming there were complaints from local merchants (who later denied it adamantly. But police just seemed more interested in trying to prove they were arrogantly right & boasting their authority -- but whats new?!

Again, from Modesto police, "We're not impressed. "

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