Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Name in Lights

On Friday we played a free show at the Catalyst Atrium with our friends in the D.C. hardcore industrial band Bajskorv.

It was exciting for us because we'd not had the opportunity yet to see our name in lights. Okay, check.

Otherwise, we were rather happy with ourselves. We all showed up; had relatively smooth transitions; our soft was pleasantly soft; our loud was FUCKING LOUD. We rocked the space, if we may say so ourselves.

Both of the people in the audience seemed to totally enjoy themselves.

And most notably we got free drinks and pizza, launching us off on thoughts of touring the country, being music bums, meeting people, eating free greasy food, sleeping in stranger's beds, and rapidly suffering hearing damage.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Trash Orchestra Benefit

We've been working to put together a Trash Orchestra fundraiser in preparation for our tour to Seattle's Honk Fest West. I hope you'll join us for an exciting evening.

A Benefit for
Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra

7pm Fri March 7th
Pacific Cultural Center
Seabright & Broadway

Our fundraiser in preparation for our tour to Seattle's Honk Fest West, which we estimate will cost us a thousand dollars. We'll be joined by other amazing bands. With the help of Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In, we'll be showing a film Honk You Very Much -- a documentary about radical street bands -- and the film Auto Re-Vision -- a short doc about a handful of kids sealed in a room, who convert an automobile into an array of musical instruments. $10-20 sliding scale

We estimate the trip to Seattle will cost the band about a thousand dollars. Would you be willing to kick-in $100 to help with the journey? Trash Orchestra is a grassroots shoestring endeavor. Your cash will help fight tyranny.

If you value spirited community rebellion, please shower us with modest sums.

Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra is a community project, a radical marching band who's instruments are composed solely of trash. A bunch of rank musical amateurs who get together to create a veritable recycled symphony.

More information, music, upcoming performances, video, and photos can be found at our website at

Thanks for considering helping us.

Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra