Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Support Evicted Market Drummers AGAIN

Last time we won! In January, Santa Cruz Police tried to evict the ever-present market drum circle from their spot under the tree, and with the help of Trash Orchestra, the drums drove the cops away. And they stayed away... until now.

Last week the drummers were evicted AGAIN by police using the ridiculous 15-minute law (persons cannot be in any city parking lot longer than 15 minutes). Join us to protest that eviction and reclaim that public space!

Support for Market Drummers
Wed Sep 10th 3:30pm
Santa Cruz Farmer's Market
(Bring percussion - resonant trash or a drum)

The City of Santa Cruz's parking lot panic law is in effect and being enforced. For those unfamiliar the law restricts the use of downtown parking lots and garages to parking and retrieving of vehicles (the person must be in and out in 15 minutes), and for pedestrians passing directly through from one sidewalk to another or a bordering store. Anything else (waiting in your car for a friend, eating lunch, talking to friends, playing music...) is trespassing, illegal, will get you hassled by Santa Cruz's finest, and, ultimately, fined.

Ostensibly to create a safer downtown, this absurd law is a further attempt to create a sterile downtown for smooth undistracted shopping. It criminalizes creative uses of public space for art and recreation.

From this article on Indybay:

On two successive Wednesdays, police have ordered the peaceful drum circle to leave their traditional spot in the public parking lot [alongside the Farmer's Market] using Mayor Coonerty's Ban on Public Assemblies in parking lots. The new merchant-backed law prohibits lingering in a parking lot or garage unless you have a vehicle there (and then only for fifteen minutes). It removed ten blocks of public space from public use.

A twisted and unjust law, but only words on paper until enforced. Uniformed fascists (some very friendly and decent, of course, as they oppress you) will try to enforce it with what they believe to be legitimate power. But we are really the ones that make the choice whether to legitimate that power or not. We choose not to go along with the program.

This is merely the newest battle of a war in Santa Cruz. A war against dissent, against the poor, against the homeless, and now against people making music. We challenge these laws and the police crackdown on undesirables -- an effort to "clean up" the streets of Santa Cruz of the young, the very old, immigrants, the unemployed, homeless, the insane, and anyone who resists.

Join us in solidarity with other musicians and friends playing music together.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Trash on the Black Rock Playa

Like Burning Man back in the day, back when we started going in '93. The infinite desert, explosives, and bone-shaking trash percussion. Including a performance at the burning of the desert town of Dismal.

Our camp out on the open playa

Sometimes, accidentally propane cylinders fell into our fire

Playing around in the junk at the shooting range

Fire Practice

Performance at Dismal before the town tragically burnt to the ground

As Hank said:
it was great to see all of you, and to meet even more wonderful people.
so sweet, so short.

I'd like to meet again. What are you doing in around 360 days?
same place, same time?
More photos on Flickr

Long-Haul Infoshop 15th Birthday Party in Berkeley

Long-Haul Infoshop 15th Birthday
3124 Shattuck Ave
Friday Aug 8th 8pm
Berkeley, CA
The Long Haul has served as a resource center and community space for radical grassroots activists for 15 years. Trash Orchestra will be there to help celebrate. Vegan birthday cake, music, dancing, refreshments, and a general good time. Starts immediately after the Berkeley Critical Mass ride. Website.

Come join us as we help celebrate this long-running awesome radical project.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trash Orchestra at Fire Arts Festival

Photography by Insurgent Photo insurgentphoto[at]yahoo.com





Cuddly Kitten Time

On Stage

Full Stage

The Nicest Guy You'll Ever Meet

Ladies and Gentlemen!


"Found With a Match in Her Hand"

Monkey Boy

100% Mustache

Sharing Instruments

Circus Waltz

Flaming Drumsticks

Disarming Smile

Fire Staff

"Things! Break! Down!"

Trash Pile

Extinguishing the Orchestra

So Long Folks

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival Friday July 11th

Join us as we light ourselves and maybe others on fire at the Crucible's Fire Arts Festival in West Oakland on July 11th. The festival runs Wednesday to Saturday. We're opening on Friday night. We're unsure looking at this photo if this stage is really big or grand enough for us. Catch us at this performance while we are still playing small, intimate gigs.

Fire Arts Festival
Kirkham Street and 5th Street
Friday July 11th 8pm
Oakland, CA
The Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival celebrates creativity through fire and light with a spectacular open-air exhibition of interactive fire art, performance and the largest collection of outdoor fire sculpture on the West Coast. Website.

Fire Arts Festival website and tickets: http://www.thecrucible.org/fireartsfestival/

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Return to Modesto!

Report back from Modesto DIY Fest from Wingnut Willy:

The night ended with Trash Orchestra performance in Modesto's center plaza downtown.

Again (1 year later), Santa Cruz folks took the public into the trash orchestrated post apocalyptic vision quest! Smashing on car hubcaps, plastic buckets, symbols & kicking over garbage cans, followed by a Trash Orchestrated Dogpile, set the public's mood on fire!

The end of Orchestra ( too late coppers...WE'RE DONE!) resulted in a debate between Modesto police & one T.O. member, with police claiming there were complaints from local merchants (who later denied it adamantly. But police just seemed more interested in trying to prove they were arrogantly right & boasting their authority -- but whats new?!

Again, from Modesto police, "We're not impressed. "

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Santa Cruz LGBT Pride Parade

Trash Orchestra joins the annual pride parade, a celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersex and questioning community. Come support your queer friends, family, and neighbors.

The Santa Cruz LGBT Pride Parade 2008 will gather at Pacific Avenue and Cathcart Street at 10 am on Sunday, June 1, and will step off at 11 am.

The Festival happens directly after the parade in San Lorenzo Park. Attendance will likely be over 5,000. This year the festival starts at NOON and goes to 6PM on June 1st, 2008. The festival will have a Stage with performers of all types.