Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day Four: The Night of Flaming Taiko

A night of more performance insanity. Three more performances in three different venues in Georgetown, south of Seattle. Punched in the gut by a phenomenal performance by the bone-shaking Weapons of Marching Destruction. Played with Hungry March Band and a remarkable set with Eugene's Samba Ja. Picture Jake from Samba Ja rapping in Portuguese to an extended crazy breakdown version of our Ragga.

What do you mean silly?! This is beautiful!

Afterward, an after-party in the street with a dozen bands playing to a hundred dancers taking over the street. Police start showing up, at least a dozen cars, dropping flares, blocking streets, disco party police car flashers.

An overheard surreal conversation:

Officer: You have to move out of the street.

Drummer: We're having fun!

Officer: You're blocking traffic.

Drummer: What do you mean? (pointing at a dozen police cars and line of flares) You're blocking the traffic!

Officer: Come on now, this is silly.

Drummer: Silly? This (gesturing) is beautiful!

The officers walk away perplexed, shaking their heads.

And after the after-party, an after-after-party at a remote apocalyptic industrial area, a deafening drum jam, and Trash Orchestra plays flaming taiko.

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