Monday, May 12, 2008

Free Food and Music at the River Arts Festival

Trash Orchestra Performance
at the River Arts Festival

Sundays May 18th 11:30
at the Duck Pond
San Lorenzo Park
Santa Cruz, CA

According to the website, this is an exciting new annual festival celebrating the Monterey Bay's rich cultural and natural resources. The park's bench lands will be transformed into the "Piazza di San Lorenzo", an aesthetic contemporary arts and crafts marketplace.

We will be celebrating the "diversity of our town's tremendous cultural riches and creativity" in the very same park in which Santa Cruz police daily chase out modern day hobos and troubadours. So we hope to bring an illuminating vibe to the celebration.

We invite those who are down-and-out, itinerant, penniless, on the bum, dispossessed, destitute, homeless, broke down, busted, hard-up, on the skids, or just your punks or traveling kids to come enjoy a sunny day with food, music, and friends.

Food Not Bombs will be serving at the same time that Trash Orchestra starts.

We'll make a joyful noise and play for a time when the river will be unbounded by parks and levies and we'll all run wilder and freer.

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