Saturday, December 15, 2007

Trash to take over Santa Cruz on New Year's

Join us? If you are thinking about doing something New Year's, why not do it with us.

Last Night DIY Parade and Street Party
Sunset, Dec 31st
Lot behind Saturn Cafe

"The parade is not merely a celebration, but a celebration of the power that we all have when we gather together to make something happen. Not just a street party, but a party to reclaim our streets." Trash Orchestra returns to the event that gave it life in 2005! Last Night DIY Website.

Last Night DIY Website:

About Last Night
Last Night is a decentralized, collective, spontaneous, open, public New Year's Eve celebration. DIY stands for do-it-yourself. Let's do our own parade. A Last Night celebration. A last night of waiting for governments, institutions, or anyone else to entertain us, satisfy us, bring us security, freedom, or joy. We reject the commodification of revelry and asking permission to live our lives. Let's usher in the new year with dancing in the streets. Bring your willingness to lead, your desire for real community, and your rebellious joy. Leave your undercover cop (and for that matter, your internalized policeman) at home.

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